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About OneUp

OneUp provides a fun new way to compete. Simply snap a photo or video, describe the challenge, and send it off! If you captured an impressive stunt, you can also share it with the world and follow others.

Just like the shot clock, you have up to 24 seconds to accomplish your mission. The people challenged have 24 hours to respond or risk getting trumped. Simply perform the challenge and punch several new recipients. The recipients then have another 24 hours to undertake the challenge and punch new people. Each round, everyone directly linked before the current challenger automatically gets "OneUpped."

You can challenge others to anything. A three pointer shootout, a cool trick, or even the next "Ice Bucket Challenge." Impress the world!

Exposure when you want bragging rights, short lived when you want privacy

OneUp offers you a permanent, public newsfeed or “wall” to communicate wins, activities and accomplishments to your community of friends. But, behind the scenes is a place where with private, short lived challenges are expressed, released and executed. On this side of the “gate” you are the only person who can see the results of challenges, dares and direct competition … If you are impressed (or impressive!) you can choose to post your personal content to your public wall. Your friends can't post challenges or content you send them to their wall. Everything on this side of the gate is private and expires by default. Because you have the option for publicizing and sharing your most impressive feats and accomplishments to your public wall, this gives you the best of both worlds. And you control your content!


Direct Battle

Challenge others head to head. Content is private by default and expires after 24 hours (unless you post it to your wall). Great for rap battles, trickshot challenges, half-court contests or anything you can imagine.

Direct Battle


Create your own challenge and invite others to complete in it as well. Perfect for Ice Bucket style challenges. Only challenges posted to your wall can be "OneUpped."


Feeling shy? Write a Dare Card and send it to a friend. Dares are always private and expire after 24 hours.

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You can download OneUp for free on the App Store.

Download on the App Store

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Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on OneUp, give us suggestions for new features, report a bug, ask questions, or to just say hello!